Behind the Scenes

Discover the team behind BACCES

What is BACCES?

BACCES is a non-profit charitable organisation which was originally set up in 1970 by two British European Airways (BEA) stewards who wrote a comedy review and staged it at York House in March 1971, Twickenham, UK for two nights. It was so popular that it ran for a further three sell out nights at Chiswick Town Hall. The national press heard of this venture and prompted "Jak" of the Evening Standard to publish a cartoon lampooning the efforts of BA cabin crew. Since that time the company have been producing reviews and, more recently, and to great acclaim, pantomimes in aid of national and local charities. The company writes, directs and produces the whole show with very little help from outside sources.

In 2008 BACCES won the Flame Award for Inspirational Excellence in Theatre from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association for their 2007 production of Cinderella.

In 2012 and 2013, BACCES not only won The S. Leslie Cowham Trophy for Programme Design (Souvenir Class) in the London Region, it also won the National Award. Congratulations Carole Jarratt and Lucinda Bowditch (Programme designers)!

In 2014, the nominations kept on coming: The S. Leslie Cowham Trophy - Programme Design (Souvenir Class) The Shelly Lemesh Award - The Unsung Hero The Louise English Trophy - Contributions Made by a Young Person The Sheila Rawlings Lifetime Achievement Award The 'It's Behind You' award - Best Pantomime The Kathleen Oyler Trophy - Chorus Work

Of the six nominations, BACCES walked away with three trophies for: Best Programme Design (Souvenir Class)(Lucinda Bowditch); the Unsung Hero (Brian Stubbington); and, perhaps most excitingly of all, Best Pantomime.

Meet the Team

Committee members

Name Role Joined
David Bowditch

President Emeritus

I joined the society in 1978 for "Aladdin". I was a cabin crew instructor at the time and was convinced by the female instructors to join. I had never danced before. The first show was terrifying and when I got to the theatre my mind went blank. It was alright on the night though. After a couple of years, I joined the committee, and was subsequently asked to become Vice Chairman, and eventually Chairman - a role I fulfilled for 22 years. During this time, I met my wife Jane (BACCES Secretary) and had two children - Luci and Charles. I have since left the dance team. I still appear on stage but in roles heavily disguised with wigs, and beards, and cushions stuffed up the front of my costume! I am also part of the BACCES PR and publicity team.
Werner Schwardtmann


I started flying more than thirty years ago, most of which have been as a Purser/CSL. A mere four years in to my flying career, I discovered BACCES and promptly joined its ranks. During this time, I have undertaken many roles both on and off the stage: I have been the Society Chairperson for the past eleven years, a role that fills me with pride. My favourite panto was our 40th anniversary compilation called Now That's What I Call Panto' (NTWICP) in 2011. Funnily enough, it was in this very show that I played Sarah Suet, my favourite role to date.
Jo Dickenson

Vice Chairman

I am the Vice Chairman of BACCES. I enjoy the rewards of making a difference when we make a donation to a small charity. I joined the society in 1982 as a dancer and have enjoyed being on stage and part of a great team.
Mike Smith

Honorary Treasurer

In 1999, I came along to help back stage. I have been a BACCES member ever since. After two years of being a stagehand, I was persuaded to take on the role of Props Master. I have been looking for my replacement ever since! Then, somehow, I was elected as a committee member. In 2008, when our previous Treasurer retired, I foolishly offered to "caretake" the position until some suitable replacement could be found. Seven years later and I am still taking care of the society's finances. Being trusted with the purse strings is quite a responsibility, but the charitable giving makes it all worthwhile.
Jane Bowditch


I joined BACCES in 1982 and promptly fell in love with David, my husband of 30 years. Somehow, we managed to have two wonderful children between shows; so, I've never missed one. Now that's dedication. Despite the fact I cannot type to save myself, I've been the society's Secretary for 28 years! "Sleeping Beauty" will be the eleventh show I have had the honor to direct; a position I enjoy, but realise I am only a small cog in the amazing wheel that continues to drive BACCES to produce such happy shows. Trite as it may sound, I love being part of such a fantastic enterprise that has donated thousands of pounds to charity, and best of all, made some very, very special friends.
Lisa Bennett Dee Bull Derek Tennant Kevin O'Dwyer
Diane Goatcher Steve Adderley Richard Hickman Carole Jarratt
Liesl Cantelo-Jones Charlotte Coltman Paul Ewen Sarah Koutandos
Charlotte Harvey Jonathan Haynes Jason Hopkins Jake Shurey
Brian Stubbington Zena Wigram

Production Team

Jonathan Haynes
Lighting Designer

Bobbie Field
Musical Director

Jane Bowditch

Roger Knight
Sound Designer

Brian Subbington
Production Manager

Lisa Bennett
Script Writer

Jake Shurey
Set Designer

Paul Ewen
Script Writer

Nick Young
Assistant Director

St├ęphane Scotto
Di Perrotolo

Musical Director

Claire Stubbington
Stage Manager


Derek Tennant

Diane Goatcher

Amanda Whewell

Michele Saunders

Jono Billins


Kevin O'Dwyer
Box Office

Nick Young
Public Relations

Carole Jarratt
Programme Designer

Alan S. Marchal
Web Designer