BACCES is pleased to announce it has selected three charities/organisations to benefit from the proceeds of its upcoming show, Sleeping Beauty, which will be performed at The Beck Theatre between 29th November and 3rd December 2023.

The Society selected a cross section of beneficiaries from a long list of applicants representing the wider community, the local community and an overseas project close to BACCES' heart. The beneficiaries are:

Louie’s Research Fund

Louie's Research Fund is a Special Named Fund at Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, raising money for research into T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Groups dedicated funds are a fantastic opportunity to honour a child or young person affected by cancer, and to raise funds in their name. They are a positive way for families, friends and the local community to come together and make a difference. 100% of all funds raised will go towards all areas of their work such as research into a specific cancer, patient information and including their general working with and helping all children diagnosed with cancer, from support they need during treatment, recovery and help with end of life care.

CCLG is the only organisation which brings together all professionals working within childhood cancer to share expertise and knowledge to improve treatments and patient care. Their ultimate aim is to cure as many children as possible while reducing the side effects of treatment. They are the central hub for childhood cancer through specialist expertise from a range of professionals. Through their membership activities, they provide an active forum for professionals to work together to share best practice and advance education and professional development. Members are able to network with both national and international colleagues for advice and support and receive information and vital updates on specific diseases and treatments. This ensures every child with cancer receives the best possible treatment and care available wherever they live.

A professional voice and expert advisers to Government for children and young people with cancer. They advise government policy and work with other bodies and ensure that they are represented on important groups or are involved in consultations that will affect treatment and care of children and young people. They offer funds and grants to research communities to discover new treatment methods and help push the boundaries to find ways of curing cancer. They also support biological research through the CCLG Tissue Bank.

An award-winning patient information producer. Their extensive, award-winning, publications portfolio ensures that essential information and support is available to families free of charge at a very difficult and distressing time. They also publish Contact, a free quarterly magazine for families of children and young people with cancer.


Harlington Hospice

Harlington Hospice is a community hospice working throughout the London Borough of Hillingdon. They provide services for people at the end of their lives and support families with bereavement and loss. Donations to Harlington Hospice help them to fund palliative and end-of-life care provided by Harlington Hospice, such as:

• Hospice at Home: Day and night time nursing care to allow patients to stay at home.

• Respite care to give carers a break.

• Dementia support and support group for carers.

• Day car services at Reg Hopkins Centre.

• Complementary therapies.

• Lymphoedema therapy.

• Tripudio exercice classes.


London Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance is a charity. When London calls, their team are there to reach those urgently in need of life-saving car. Their vision is to end preventable deaths in London from life-threatening injury. Their missing is to save more lives in London through rapid response and cutting-edge care.

They are a charity that works alongside the NHS and their life-saving service is made possible by you; their supporters. The London Air Ambulance is up against time to replace their helicopters. Their helicopters get to the scene in 11 minutes, with five patients a day needing the help of the London Air Ambulance when their life is on the life. But these helicopters will become difficult to keep operational beyond 2024.